Thursday, November 28, 2013

An afternoon at the Allergist’s office

An afternoon at the Allergist’s office



15 minutes with the Allergist changed our lives. 20 little drops on her forearms. 20 little cuts to let the drops into her skin. One flare up on her left forearm told us all we needed to know. She was allergic to something. Us patients waited patiently for the Doctor to come back to the room and tell us what was the culprit. Much to our surprise, not seafood or shellfish but peanuts!

So there you have it. A peanut allergy and ‘stay away from nuts’ life is what we have for the next year, until her next test to see if she grows out of it. Poor Girl. I feel terrible but I guess all parents do when they first find out. At least there are a lot more parents at my work who are in the same boat who gave me websites and stuff to check. And the re-assurance of my brother to tell me I’m not as doomed as I think I am.

So begins a new life for us. Label-reading, code words for ‘peanuts and nuts’, medic-alert members and epi-pens. Could be worse. I know. I’m not looking for sympathy.

I’ll take this over not knowing and risking seeing her blow up the way she did a couple of months ago.

Any suggestions on nut-friendly restaurants, grocery items or products, do let me know!