Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why Anger is Good

Why Anger is Good

I know it isn’t the most festive entry but December for me has really been a stressful month. By the time you are 12 months into the year you are stretched from end to end and are teaching yourself meditation techniques to keep the shingles at bay.

Work demands, home demands, personal demands. And you na├»vely believe that there is some reprieve with Christmas and the New Year but really there isn’t. In fact, everything gets even more magnified. All the things still left undone, un-organized, unrealised. And what about all the stuff that you did accomplish? Of course you should be recognized for that? And you feel you will be ‘thanked’ for the strong results, but even then, you get… a lump of coal wrapped up in a tiny recycled bow! I don’t know about you; but that makes me real mad.

At first, I was trying to fight the anger and think about things rationally but the truth is, nothing propels you to get out of your current situation and into a better one, quite like anger. If a dress is bulging in all the wrong places and that makes you angry, you sign up for a kickboxing class and kick the crap out of those bulges; or the dress.

In effect, if you are angry it just means that you have hope. Hope because you know that the source of ‘that’ anger is temporary since you won’t let ‘that’ happen to you again. You now know better. You deserve better. There IS a better. A better dress. A better gym. A better job. A better boyfriend. Whatever your case is.

Now you just have to harness that potential for a long enough time to keep you focused on getting yourself out of the current ‘angry’ place and onto a more deserving platform.

I am totally giving this a shot in 2015! Go hard or go home, right?!