Monday, January 2, 2017

My ONE conscious change 2017 and onwards

 I’ve been giving the entire New Year's resolution idea, a lot of thought. I’ve been reading articles and blogs, talking to several people and thinking through my recap of 2016 to see if I can add any value.

The one common thread in all the literature I’ve read distills down to one simple thing.

Choose Love.

Whether it’s love for your self (which is very different than love for your ego), love for a specific person, people, community, humanity. Choose Love.

If you are at a crossroads and not sure which way to go, pick the route where the source of it is love. Non-love can be masked in several different ways to confuse us, be it ‘security’ or ‘comort-zone’ or ‘pity’, but if you look at decision making from a source of love, trust that you will make it through ok.

Every year, resolutions begin with love. We want to improve ourselves, better our lives, increase quality time, learn more, give more. And yet as the year goes on, and we are asked to make decisions from small ones like ‘should I hit the snooze button and sleep the extra 45 minutes or just go to the gym?’ we choose non-love (or instant gratification in this case), because it’s easier. And that’s just it with non-love decisions…they are the easier choice to make. Doesn’t that suck even more?

Yes, it does! So when you choose love, be prepared to make the tougher choice. The one that forces you to run faster, laugh harder, sleep deeper, plan earlier, and manage time better. It is the spray of cold water on your face that wakes you up and forces you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and the same echo that tells you to not surrender your soul. It is the big decisions, the small decisions and the everything in-between decisions.

It is the seed that delivers forgiveness, empathy, maturity and the ability to get up and move on.

I am not a poster child by any means. My life up until today has been a cosmic display of discombobulated decision making. Even I surprise myself sometimes with the decisions I've made! But I have tried my best to choose love every time. And I will continue to do so, more consciously now. 

And, I am hopeful. No, I am certain. I am certain that it will work.

If I value love and if I make decisions based on love, can I go astray?