Monday, June 11, 2018

Ugly Beauty

Ugly Beauty

Raging waters
Rocky shores
The waves attack
White and wide
Like an ugly army
Invades my mind
My face
My home
My space

Only to retreat
Back to its womb
And the pull is deep
The pull is fierce

Sediment usurped
Secrets of the sand splayed
Across the sparkly shore

The sun shines
No. She radiates
Through the fuzzy grey-blue sheer
A welcome house-guest
Bringing with her a dear old friend
A warm, balmy beauty
Sweeping through the leaves of the palm trees
(The way Rain runs its fingers through my hair)
The elegant wings of an eagle
Glide through the open air

Continuity or consequence?
Doesn’t matter
This is
My home

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Train Station - Jaffna

Waiting for the exit train to arrive

Green grass seeps through the tracks, the cracks
Abandoned by him, forsaken by her
Engulfed by the earth, the sun, the rain, the wind

Life beneath the rails, asleep but not yet dead.
Awaken. Awaken from your slumber
Break the fasteners, the ties, the tread

The machines leave, the voices wane
The lights dim, the footsteps fade

That is the time to rise.

Rise when they laugh. Rise when they sleep.
Rise when they drink. Rise when they breathe.

Soar like the sun aiming for her zenith
Stay like the moon.
Forever present and still

Sway gently with the breeze, bend and vary each passing day
Yet sturdy like the tree – a banyan tree
With roots into the sky and branches deep in the soil

Swallow them whole.
The sly sneers.
The illusive eyes.

Take Judas’ kiss with a smile.
Knowing all the while it is Judas
For he won’t change;
But neither will You.