Thursday, September 25, 2014

2 weeks, 2 kids, 2 oceans away

2 weeks with 2 kids 2 oceans away



I still remember planning for this trip 6 months ago and here I sit now in my mother-in-law’s flat on the last day of my holiday before heading back to Canada. Back to life. Back to reality. Aside from the typical south Asian vacation experience which included a lot of eating, shopping, sleeping and some time at the beach and pool as well as the extreme heat, mosquito bites and not drinking enough water on purpose to avoid using public washrooms, it was my first time being away with both kids, just Raj and I, so far from home.

To be honest, I was most anxious about this as I knew it would be a ‘test’ of some sort. My mom has always been around and both kids go to her as frequently (if not more often) as Raj and I. Here, it was just me. Don’t get me wrong, Raj’s family was more than happy to do whatever was necessary including feeding them and washing their clothes, but the kids’ natural inclination was to come to me if they wanted or needed something; anything.

The exhausting journey on the plane, explaining why the washrooms and life here is so different, ensuring they don’t drink the tap water, dealing with Ro’s illness. It wasn’t easy but it has brought us closer and left me feeling re-assured knowing that if push came to shove I can trust my instinct and deal with whatever is thrown at me; projectile vomit included.

I think testing yourself at various junctures in life is important if only to remind yourself that you aren’t totally worthless and that if 2 lives depend on you, you must deliver. This commitment itself to deliver expands your boundaries, pushes your limits and leaves you feeling quietly confident.