Monday, August 22, 2016

An Ode to Rakhi: For brothers and sisters everywhere.

Every summer, sometime in August we meet
To tie a rakhi around my two brothers’ wrists

A symbol of love; a bond of protection
A sister’s prayer, a brother’s affection

The sacred thread is tied, a promise is made
The two are connected, a link none can break

The summer day is followed with food and with glee
And as we grow older, with beer, wine and cheese!

The ceremony is simple, it’s short and it’s sweet
The message however, diffuses in deep

No one is an island, our lives intertwine
We grow up together, we live our own lives

But as we all journey, turning dreams to memoirs
We marvel at our feats; look up to the stars

For me know deep inside, no matter how hard we fall
My brother will lift me up.  We’ve been through it all

His promise is eternal.  I’m reassured every summer,
He won’t let me down. I’m his sister forever.

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