Monday, June 23, 2014

5 Day All Raw Juice Cleanse - Day 1

Day 1  A few brave souls and I (and by brave I mean crazy) decided to take on a 5 day all raw juice challenge. Starting today, for five days (end of day Friday), the four of us are going to be consuming a variety of juice and juice-type beverages to help us kick-start our health. It’s supposed to be a cleanse and give me tons of energy. Oh and did I mention everyone who has gone on this cleanse has lost about 10 pounds. Truth be told, I will magically have a ton of energy if I lose 10 pounds! So we decided to give it a go and I will chronicle the roller coaster ride that this journey will bring.

Today has been tough but doable. I am super tired (since we have to cut caffeine) and I do miss the taste of say toast and eggs but nothing crazy if I don’t think about the food too much. Lunch time was tough as I could smell the delicious aroma of various lunches wafting through the air and finding its way to my nostrils. From chicken and fries to ginger beef and green curry, my stomach growled and my mouth salivated. But all I could do was reach for my Cashew and Vanilla Mylk and chug a swig of chalky, white liquid.

No really, it hasn’t been that bad. Apparently day 2 and day 3 are supposed to be the worst. I will tell you first hand if that is the case.

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