Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ashtanga Yoga - The real deal

Ashtanga Yoga – Low Heat

I’ve taken this class for 3 weeks now and I am slightly addicted to it. It’s a low heat class which I prefer over the intensity of the real hot yoga class and it is an hour and 15 minutes which makes me feel like each workout is worth it.

Since I’m a checklist kind of girl there are a few good and bad things on my Journey to Yoga checklist:

Good :

Increased vocabulary (chaturanga, vinyassa, drishti) which makes me feel not as alien when the instructor starts talking

Always break out in a sweat

Light is dim (makes me more willing to try poses without inciting too much laughter)

I haven’t passed out yet

Noticed improvement in my abilities from first class to now, which is encouraging.


I can’t do ANY of the intermediate or advanced moves. I’m as basic as they allow it to be, probably to the point of embarrassment

My right wrist hurts…probably one too many chaturangas (notice how I aptly put that into my writing)

After one of these classes I can’t exercise for the next 48 hours as I’m sore and not very mobile

In conclusion, I still suck but I really enjoy it. Is that even possible?




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  1. I feel like you feel good about yourself and in general... It's boosts your mood.. Makes u feel well worth it.. And since your sore you feel like your getting a good workout and it's we'll worth it.. Keep it up its not a bad addiction.. It's absolutely good for you! :)

    Cheers! Xo