Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Madness: A Rant more than anything…

 For some, March Madness is about indulging your love for basketball. For me, it has been a string of head-turning health issues and shocking and surprising unraveling of events. It’s too much to mention in a short blog, and nothing that is detrimental in any way (so you can sigh now! Whew!), but suffice it to say that March isn’t quite over yet, so I still have time to see how the rest of the next 11 days unfold.

I was planning to do a piece on International Women’s Day and what it means and how I was thinking to move forward, but all that seems like something I will eventually get to, once all the pressing things NOW are calling for my attention. This is ultimately the thing isn’t it? The perpetual fight over what is urgent vs. what is important. It’s very easy to sit back and philosophize over what intellectually would be the right course of action (importance over urgent, no doubt!) but in reality, the urgent stuff sneaks up on you in a way that only mould knows how. And before you know it, you have all these things to tend to.

Or, it isn’t always easy to decipher if this urgent thing is also important or not? Perhaps it is and if you ignore it, are you ignoring some other bigger message? So do you do it, to be safe? But if you keep doing these urgent things and are constantly just reacting, there is a huge opportunity cost associated with that as well, no?

Now enter Emotion and Politics.  Ugh and bleh!

I am a lifetime member of the sandwich generation. Are you? Sandwiched between caregiving for parents and children. Sandwiched between the lifestyle and world I was born into (India) and the life I am creating since having come to Canada (25+ years now…) and sandwiched between the feminine balance of modesty and confidence/aggressiveness. 

In order to succeed, I have to be deliberate, conscious, positive and thoughtful.

And to help me do and be all these things, I have 2 things going for me. One, there’s an Oprah and Deepak’s meditation journey that starts tomorrow for free and runs for 21 days (yay! Perfect timing) and two, I won’t give up.

Other than that, I’ll write back with a post-op recovery in April. Wish me luck!


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