Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chapter 7

Chapter 7



Sorry I missed the last couple of days but Rohit has been sick and I needed to give him all my attention. He is getting better now, slowly but surely. He’s on two puffers twice a day to help with his terrible cough and cold. Not easy for him, poor kid. But he still manages to smile and show me his beautiful dimples.

In this Chapter, titled ‘Don’t leave before you leave’ the discussion is about women who plan for their exit without even properly entering the workforce. The assumption being that since 'one day I will get married and have kids, maybe I should not go for the tough jobs but take something more peripheral so it’s not so demanding for when I do have other priorities'. I can’t say that I consciously have made this decision. Have you or do you know anybody who has?

Actually, now that I think about it…I did do something similar. After I finished my MBA one of my choices was to go into consulting and after discussing with a bunch of different people, particularly my father, I decided not to go into the field because of the constant travelling involved and I was asked if I’d be ok doing all this travelling and living out of a suitcase after I got married and had little kids? I decided ‘no’ and so didn’t take the offer. However, the field I ultimately ended up deciding on has serendipitously been the best choice for me.

See, the world is conspiring in our favour?! Even when I made an incorrect decision according to chapter 7, it ended up pushing me into the right field!

Ha! Thanks world!

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