Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chapter 8: My favourite

My favourite chapter so far: Chapter 8



I must admit I have not read the entire book yet but so far this has to be my favourite chapter. it is one topic that doesn’t get talked about enough but has a pertinent effect on how well a gal can do in this world, professionally speaking. It’s a critical read for guys and gals alike and is titled, “Make your partner a real partner”.
Bottom line, if you’re an ambitious girl with skills to pay the bills, but also wants to come home to a healthy, happy family you need to find a man who understands this and is willing to work harder than previous generations in order to make this happen. I say ‘man’ specifically because same sex couples tend to have a more balanced division of labour in their relationships than heterosexual couples. So boys must roll up their sleeves in the house and lean into the home just as their girls are leaning into their work.

I am lucky. I found a man who is in many ways the type of man that is desired according to this chapter. Needless to say I felt very proud and even a little smug that I figured this little tidbit out totally subconsciously. It wasn’t that I went looking specifically for these ‘skill sets’ or asked questions about his childhood to ensure he would be of a certain type but it  had to have been those very traits that drew me to him.

The fact that he knew his way around a kitchen better than me, for example. He owned a restaurant when we first met and it was always a packed house when he did the cooking. Hands down, fantastic chef. I’ve always been well fed thanks to the culinary skills of Mama Ghosh and after marriage I continue to be well fed thanks to Raj.

I could give you example after example to illustrate how he’s a great husband and a terrific father, but you probably don’t want to read all that. Instead I’ll leave you with one thought.  If your children can be raised in a home where they don’t associate tasks as ‘blue’ or ‘pink’ but rather a choice that either parent completes for the sake of the family unit, aren’t we all better off?

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