Saturday, April 26, 2014

The 5 things to not do before a hot yoga class

The 5 things to NOT do for a successful Yoga workout.

I had a terrible session at Yoga last night. A 2 out of 10 at best. Only because I promised myself that I’d be honest I will confess all of the idiotic things I did and confirm that they are tried and tested measures to not take to ensure you have a successful workout. Here is what NOT to do:

Don't eat a fat slice of chocolate cake at 2p.m. prior to your workout…Someone dropped off a piece of rich and decadent chocolate cake on my desk as it was his last day. I gladly accepted and it satiated my craving. You can imagine how I felt in the hot yoga class.

If you want low heat yoga, find out prior to signing up for the class.  I didn’t. This class was in fact a super-hot yoga class which made my nauseous feeling even more pronounced

Upon arrival at hot yoga class, do not go in earlier than necessary and wait for the class to start. When I got to the class and realised it was not low heat, I thought that since I got there 15 minutes early that I should go into the class and do my Sivasana for an extra long time whereby allowing my body to acclimatize to the temperature. Bad Idea! It made my 1 hour hot class 1hr and 15 minutes and I just about passed out a few times.

Don’t wear a t-shirt or in my case a ¾ length sport top. Tank tops are the best in this situation

Don’t have a vodka-soda in between work and the yoga studio if you’ve got 30 minutes to spare. I don’t actually know what you could do, but having a drink with a co-worker is probably not the best way to spend that block of time.

There. I wrote it. On the internet forever. But at least I went. So if you are hesitating to go to a workout because you have done one or some of the above, go anyways, because in a worst-case scenario, you will survive it J

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