Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 1 - Motherhood Challenge

Day 1 – Motherhood Challenge



So far, so good. Kids are accommodating for the moment. But I must admit, it was a bit of a cop out on my part as I spent a chunk of my day at my parents’ place. I think one challenge that I will have that I didn’t realise till earlier this morning is how much my kids will miss their Dad. The first thing out of Ellil’s mouth Sunday morning was, “Where is Appa (Dad)?” To which I had to remind her that he was gone to visit his Mum and Dad for a few weeks. And I swear, even though little Ro is only 3 months old, he was looking around all day as if he was searching for his Dad. He must’ve noticed that one of the familiar faces he sees every day for the past 3 months is suddenly not there anymore. I was able to distract him for the time being but I may not be so lucky 10 days into him not seeing Appa. It made me wonder, what do single parents do if they lose their spouse while they still have such small children? Be it death or abandonment, how do you explain to a child that a face and body they’ve come to realise as an extension of themselves is no longer going to be around? And that too without words or words that they’d understand? It’s one of those conversations you hope you never have to have.

Day 2 is starting now and my plan is to get myself ready and have breakfast done and kitchen clean before the kids wake up. I should also get Ellil’s clothes ready for school, otherwise it’s 15 minutes of trying to explain to a 3 year old that wearing her Princess Belle dress to school is not appropriate. Wish me luck!

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