Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 2 - MC

Day 2 – Motherhood Challenge


Slightly more challenging day today but all in all, manageable. Remember my plan to do all this stuff before the kids wake up? That plan of action came to a crashing stop when my eldest woke up before 6 am. In half a daze she meandered out of her bed, somehow made to the washroom and then came quietly down the steps and straight into my arms. I tried to put the dishes away with one hand while carrying her in the other arm but , A) I’m  not as strong as I used to be and B) she isn’t as small as she used to be so that task I wasn’t able to complete. She fell asleep in my arms so I took her back up to bed and this time I fell asleep while trying to put her back to sleep. It was still dark, I was a little chilli and the rain drops were tapping on the windows like little secrets. The bed was still warm and so inviting, I didn’t stand a chance. So, all 3 of us woke up together and it wasn’t so bad after all.

The climax of the day was late afternoon, early evening, when both kids conspired to test me. One fell asleep on my lap, the other in my arms and I literally sat in one position for about an hour and a half (which is fine since I had the remote within my reach so was able to watch a movie… JK Rowling’s biography) and let them nap. It was a very peaceful bit of time and I daresay even somewhat magical to have them both so close to me, watching their bodies rise and fall with absolutely no care whatsoever about anything at all.  Peace, calm, serenity all left the house like a bat out of hell when the two woke up at the same time. I don’t know who woke whom up but they were up and they were not happy to be up so they made it a point to vocalize it. Two kids crying, one trying to outdo the other, (it felt like). What to do? The floodgates opened and a flush of questions gushed through my mind. Do I sit down and nurse one and try to sing to the other to calm her down? Do I calm the older one first and hope that helps the little one calm down? Ro couldn’t still be hungry? I just fed him an hour and a half prior. Why is Ellil crying?  Are they tired? Hot? Cold? I had no answers. Just questions. So I did what any sane person in this situation would do. I laughed, left the room and went next door to the kitchen. I came back 30 seconds later, turned on the TV for Ellil (something I hate to do). She did stop crying and then he stopped crying and he fell right back to sleep! Order had somehow been restored. Sometimes, the end does justify the means.

With the end of day 2 coming up in 7 minutes, now 6 minutes all I can tell myself is I have 16 more days to go. This isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. I know I can. I know I can.


  1. Good luck to you.... I know I could not do it, but obviously would if I had to. As you mentioned, I don't know how single parents do it. Even when they get older, like mine, it doesn't get any easier. Good luck and I am cheering for you, even though you might not hear me since I am so far away.

  2. Hear you loud and clear! thanks so much for your encouragement and support. Means a lot.