Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 14 - MC

Day 14 – MC



Things came together today. It really did. I have to admit I was at my wits end sometime between Day 10 and 13, but today, Day 14, Priya got her groove back. Both kids cooperated and the 3 of us managed to work it out together. I wonder if that’s the learning curve.  14 days of treading water, some days better than others, and then finally all the stuff that you experienced and stored in your database comes into use.  I could chalk it up to a fluke day and better to be lucky than good, but it really felt different.

I felt that when I spoke to Ellil this evening, she understood that mommy needed her help so to listen and do as mommy says. And that Ro also got that I needed him to be ok sitting in the swing because I had to get some important stuff done within a certain time frame.

What do you think? Am I totally out to lunch in thinking that kids this young can connect well enough to understand you when you really need them to cooperate? I must’ve been sending them some sort of ‘mother in distress’ signal subconsciously that they picked up on.  Whatever it is, I’ll take it with open arms because I could use a few more days like this.

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