Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Motherhood Challenge

The Motherhood Challenge.



As a working mom I am fortunate in that I have a husband who does way more around the house than I do. From cooking most days (but he is a chef by trade and previously owned his own restaurant and is very passionate about cooking…so cooking doesn’t count as a chore for him, I think?) to all the work ‘outside’ the house (mowing, shovelling, garbage/recycling) and even laundry.  So, I’m running a little experiment over the next three weeks to really appreciate my ‘other half’.
Raj is leaving to visit his parents overseas today. The kids and I are staying here. The little one is too young to be travelling so far, otherwise we would all go. This is going to be a time for a lot of firsts. First time Raj and I are not sleeping under the same roof since we’ve been married. First time we aren’t travelling as a family. First time I am handling both kids by myself!
Now, I’ve had tons of people offer to help. Even my mom’s offered to stay the couple of weeks to make it easier for me. But nay I say! I’m going to take this as a challenge to see if I can do this on my own. Now I’m not an idiot or a masochist, really. My folks live a few minutes away so help is just around the corner.  The safety net is ready…Here we go… 
My goal is to post every night or every other night. Commentary and suggestions are more than welcome. As are surprise visits with dark chocolate and red wine ;)


  1. Times gonna fly by!besides i am sure ellil n rohit will keep u occupied enough so you dont miss raj hehehhe.funny how kids change everything,for the better i think.

  2. agreed. they are our source for inspiration no? Thanks for your support and for being so positive.