Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 13 - MC

Day 13 – MC



I went downtown to visit some of my co-workers today and Rohit accompanied me. It was his introduction to my colleagues and to the magic that is a trading floor. Do I sound like a nerd? Perhaps it is because I am a nerd. Again, no shame in that. I felt so alive on the floor. So in my element.

I got to parade little Ro to everyone and of course they had nothing but great things to say about him. I ate it all up. Nothing is so sweet to a mother’s ear than hearing others say incredibly wonderful things about her children. And I am no different. After I showed him off we went to lunch with my boss (a great guy by the way, and no he doesn’t know about this blog so I’m not writing that in for him. I actually mean it.) Again, I’m probably in the minority but I’ve been blessed with having really good bosses for most of my career.

In any case, it was so invigorating to be chatting about the markets and the economy and what customers are doing and what trends we are noticing.  I haven’t had a solid conversation about this stuff in such a long time. Once the weather clears up I’m sure I’ll pay them another visit, before my mat leave is over.

I love being a mother. I really do. But being a full time mother, a stay at home mom, is ridiculously tough. Toughest job in the world, hands down.  I am enjoying my time with my kids but I am also looking forward to going back to work.  In order for me to be the best mother I can be to my kids, I have to be working out there. It’s a type of gratification that nothing else can fill, for the moment. Maybe things will change down the road as things evolve, but for now, this is what I want.

Different strokes for different folks, right?! J


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