Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 7 - MC

Day 7 – MC



Tis the night before Sunday and all through my house
Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.
The TV is off, the kids are in bed
The only light burning is the one in my head.
I think of the day, how fast it has past
I sigh with relief for I can lie down at last.
But thoughts in my head, keep my mind wide awake
I shut my eyes tight, but the sleep is all fake.
So I rise from my bed and tiptoe below
To the den I arrive and dim the lights low
I turn on my machine and type like a fiend
To remind myself of how lucky I’ve been.
For family that’s there, no matter the time
For friends who arrive with food and some wine
For words of support and ‘likes’ for my post
And ‘likes’ and comments for the pics that I chose.
Sometimes I feel proud, sometimes I feel brave
Sometimes I get scared and want to hide in a cave.
But then I envision two tiny faces,
Bright eyes and smiles and tender embraces
I can’t let them down, I won’t run for cover
My duty's to them; it’s what makes me their Mother.
I’m feeling a little emotional tonight, can you tell? I don’t usually ad lib terrible poetry. I usually spend a lot of time writing terrible poetry. And under normal circumstances I would never post something like this but I’m sure I will be forgiven given the circumstances, right?!

Today was a fun day. Busy, but fun. My dear friend and business partner, Nafiza and her family came to visit for lunch.  We've started a new business called cookiesncakes and we even have an fb page for it. She made this ridiculously beautiful cake (which will be posted on the cnc page in fb) for Ellil, which was very sweet of her. I was very touched as she did it to distract Ellil from missing her Dad. And, it was a red velvet cake which hands down is the BEST red velvet cake I have ever eaten, and I’m not just saying that.  Try it and you won’t disagree.

In any case, it was great to have the company, and I didn’t have to make a single meal today. Mum covered breakfast (did I mention how great she is) and Nafiza brought enough food for lunch and dinner and I still have leftovers for tomorrow including most of that delish cake!

Sometimes a break from the ordinary is essential just to recharge your batteries, as minor as the break may be, don’t you agree? And cake. Well that helps as well.


  1. i didnt know u cud write poetry!it was wonderful and am so glad u liked the cake.the look on ellils face was priceless.all that work was worth it.

    1. Yes, we loved the cake. Told Raj about it today. Too bad he gets to miss it....but we did share the love today with a few others! It's the cake that keeps on feeding because so many people took a slice here and there and there is still some left. It feeds way more than 12 people.

  2. Glad you got a break from the ordinary. Sometimes it's nice to just hang and do nothing and not worry about the other stuff that always gets in the way (u know laundry, cleaning etc) but as I type this the kids and Steve are snowboarding and skiing while I am at home with a sore knee cleaning and doing laundry. no break from the ordinary here.

    1. That's too bad. Hope you're feeling better. Hang in there. Your body needs rest which is why it's sore. Listen to it, maybe sip a glass of wine? Take care of yourself so you are injury free going into summer. There will be lots to keep you busy I'm sure, including me visiting!