Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Days 9 & 10 - MC

Days 9 & 10 – MC



Yesterday was insane. You know that saying, when it rains it pours? Well, the heavens were angry and the sky opened up and it poured down on me. Ellil did something naughty and so I had to ground her, which means no TV for one week. That punishment is hurting me more than it’s hurting her I tell you. It just compounded the problem even more. Again, you won’t care to know the mundane details but I was so tired I passed out by 9pm, woke up briefly around 4:30 am and was back asleep within the hour!

This morning I was feeding Ro in the bedroom. Ellil came up and wanted to play with him at the same time. I told her, “Honey, don’t distract him right now. Let him concentrate. It’s not easy for him to drink his milk and do something else.” To which she replied, “It’s not easy for me!” Surprised, I smiled and bit my lips. “It’s true.” I said. “It hasn’t been easy for you has it?” She didn’t respond but went back to playing on the bed.

Sometimes, I forget how small she is and what a change she is going through. She went from a 2 parent to a 1 child environment to a 2 parent to 2 children environment and now to a 1 parent to 2 children environment. Albeit, the last one is temporary, it’s still a shock to her system I’m sure, especially since her concept of 3 weeks is well, nonexistent at this age.

I can grasp time and can anticipate an end to this lifestyle, when I’m having a bad moment, I can remind myself that there’s only a few more days left, but she doesn’t grasp that so for her this change might impact her more deeply right? Plus, she’s not at a stage where she can fathom let alone articulate her feelings so the idea of missing someone, or sharing attention probably just gets lost or confused with things like eating too much chocolate or lack of sleep.

Dad has a lot of catching up on TLC to do with all the members of the family when he is back! Well, at least it’s a duty that should be fun to fulfill J



  1. firstly ur posts are getting like addiction.on monday when there wasnt a post i was wondering if everything was fine n then i read this post.i dont think its easy on any one of u including raj.but everyone is trying to do their so called'duty'.ur trying to fill in his gap to the kids,he is doing his part as a son and brother and i think ellil too to sum extent is doing her part by playing with rohit n keeping him busy and distracted so he doesnt look for appa,afterall she is a lot smarter than we all know.all kids feel and know things even tho we think they wont.in a way i sumtimes feel we take kids for granted.but ya i am sure raj misses n feels the same way as u do n i am sure he cant wait to get back to all three of u as well.good thing u have picked up the blog again,its an outlet for u at the end of the day. just do a few fun stuff with the little princess,like mom and daughter stuff when hes back and she will be all fine :)

    1. Thanks. Yes, Raj does call everyday and he did speak to Ellil this morning. She was in good spirits going to school. I think everyone just misses everyone else. Natural I guess.