Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 18 - Last Day

My post is 24 hours late. Sorry. My tablet, she is broken. Ellil dropped it last week and it decided to go on the fritz 2 nights ago. So I'm on another computer because I had to post this last entry.

I'm a different person now than I was 3 weeks ago.

I have more confidence in my ability as a parent. I didn't have a breakdown. I didn't freak out at the kids. I didn't even tear my hair out. I did lament. I did complain. I did get angry and frustrated and even a little exasperated. And that is human.

I have newfound respect for my children. When things were getting out of control, at least one of them calmed themselves down to make it easier for me. Ellil understood and responded to things in a far more mature way than I expected a 3 year old too. I am very proud of them.

I am even more grateful for my mother, father, brothers and sisters-in-law because they all helped me get through this.

I am grateful to my friends for their constant support and encouragement.

I have consistently written in this blog, something I hadn't done in a long time and it's been extremely therapeutic and eye opening as I learned things through my writing and others' comments that helped me understand and work through my challenges.

I appreciate my husband more because I was reminded of how much he does contribute and help in running our home. The kids' attachment to him was evidence enough of how active a role he plays in their lives.

I may not have lost any weight during this challenge, but at least I didn't gain any!

I am really happy that Raj is back.

I am going to enjoy my Easter. I hope you and your families do as well.

After Easter, I will come back with my April Weight Loss Challenge. Or more appropriately, fat loss, muscle tone and eat proper challenge.

Thanks for sharing this experience with me.

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